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wausauloner - Fri Apr 12 2013

03:42 AM #
I'm killing time while the convoy preps for departure. Leaving a place for good always seems to take more time that it should. #zompocalyspe

03:45 AM #
Some stuff, like the tanker truck, is being left behind. One important thing packed for travel: The fuel still and all its supporting gear.

02:24 PM #
The duck people made it safely to Camp Tesomas! No vehicles were lost, though a lot of anti-boarding netting will have to be replaced.

02:27 PM #
It was a slow journey. Two of the ducks' re-engineered wood-gas systems didn't turn out to be very efficient. They slowed the whole convoy.

02:30 PM #
We ran into some fairly large concentrations of undead on the way past Wakefield. Our plows helped clear a path through them. #zompocalypse

02:33 PM #
Since we didn't have to worry about gunfire attracting zombies as we left, we also weren't shy about using our guns until we neared Tesomas