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wausauloner - Mon Apr 15 2013

10:02 AM #
Shawn, Tina, and John have come to another decision: They've asked me to take Leah to Washington Island to look for her son. #zompocalypse

10:05 AM #
As the only medico among their people, they normally wouldn't have the luxury of letting Leah out of the protected core of their group...

10:08 AM #
But, here among friends at Camp Tesomas, there's access to other survivors with medical skills. Finally, Leah has a break from 24/7 duty.

10:14 AM #
We're going to take a small convoy to the coast, then meet up with one of the island's fishing boats. I made arrangements last night via HAM

10:17 AM #
The convoy consists of 3 of the zompocalypse-modified tourist ducks that originally came from the Wisconsin Dells. We've got water to cross.