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wausauloner - Sun Apr 21 2013

06:11 AM #
We learned some things last night from Evelyn, the woman who has knowledge of the people we are now sure are those who took Aiden from Leah.

06:14 AM #
Evelyn was among the first wave of refugees who made it to the Door County redoubt after Governor Doyle announced evacuation plans in 2009.

06:17 AM #
She and her sister, both in their sixties, bugged out of Oshkosh before things completely fell apart there. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:20 AM #
Evelyn and her sister, by virtue of their age, were given more comfortable quarters than most, though they were packed in 4 to a room.

06:23 AM #
They were staying in a luxury resort on a golf course that, like all vacation properties, were pressed into service for refugee housing.

06:26 AM #
One evening, after Evelyn and her sister worked the food lines all day, they returned to their quarters to find they were evicted. #zombies

06:29 AM #
Some of their former roommates were in a hot conversation with the local appointee managing refugee housing, accusing him of taking bribes.

06:32 AM #
Evelyn is certain that was the case. Quarters that held 12 random people before now housed a close-knit group of four adults and one child.

06:35 AM #
As more and more survivors from around the state flooded to Door County for refuge from the zombies, that inequity was never corrected.

06:38 AM #
Evelyn had to serve those people food every day when they came through the food line she worked. She heard them speaking Russian. #zombies

06:41 AM #
Evelyn lost her sister during the outbreak that doomed the Door County redoubt. It happened quickly, spreading fast in crowded conditions.

06:44 AM #
The whimsies of fate saved her when the wave of undead attackers went one way instead of another. The resort she'd been in was overrun.

06:47 AM #
Evelyn thinks it's unlikely that anyone made it out of that resort alive, but she's agreed to take a look at the man Leah ID'ed earlier.