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wausauloner - Tue Apr 23 2013

05:44 AM #
Evgeny, the man positively identified as one of the toughs involved in Aiden's abduction, has been taken into custody. #zompocalypse

05:47 AM #
His wife is very upset. She's mad at Leah, Evelyn, me, & the Washington Island leaders, though she's also shocked to learn of Evgeny's past.

05:50 AM #
She's also upset about the collapse of the life she's been rebuilding on this small island protected from the horrors of the undead world.

05:53 AM #
She didn't know Evgeny was part of the world of organized crime. To her, he was another lost soul who beat the odds, just like she did.

05:56 AM #
Evgeny seems resigned to whatever fate awaits him. He's apologizing to his wife for causing her distress. He hasn't talked to Leah yet.