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wausauloner - Thu Apr 25 2013

04:57 AM #
I talked to one of the people involved with questioning Evgeny. It is going slowly because Evgeny doesn't speak English well. #zompocalypse

05:01 AM #
Evgeny has also resisted jumping ahead in his story, cooperating fully only when allowed to tell his story at his own pace, from Z-day on.

05:03 AM #
My contact was there for much of the early part of Evgeny's tale. As we suspected, he lived in Chicago before the zombies rose.

05:06 AM #
He lived in a Russian community and was part of the "underground economy," as he put it. "Just a gear in the machine," he said.

05:09 AM #
On that day back in 2009 when the dead wouldn't stay dead, rising to kill and feed upon the living, he was working in a credit card scam.

05:12 AM #
He was just a runner taking credit card and personal information from callers with better English skills to men on computers in another room

05:15 AM #
Their operation was cut short by news coverage of the zombie outbreak in Wausau. Evgeny knew the place was only a few hours away by highway.

05:18 AM #
His cousin had just talked about seeing a green sourceless glow in the sky there a day earlier while running a load of dope down from Canada

05:21 AM #
Evgeny said there were those among his "co-workers" who became looters as panic spread in Chicago that first night. #zompocalypse #zombies

05:24 AM #
He heard about corpses walking in Chicago as early as that first night, though he didn't see one for himself until a week later. #zombies

05:27 AM #
The city was supposed to be on lockdown, but wounded refugees from Wausau got in before it could be fully established. They died and rose.

05:30 AM #
Most of the time, the dead would be put down after killing one or two people near them, their victims put down soon afterl. But not always.

05:33 AM #
Unsafe pockets formed as isolated homes, apartment buildings, and sometimes entire neighborhoods fell victim to the spreading plague.

05:36 AM #
Still, news about how to put down the dead was spread around and it looked like Chicago would survive when Wausau had not. #zompocalypse

05:39 AM #
Unfortunately, the zompocalypse triggered other problems. Food and fuel began running out in the cities. People fought over what remained.

05:42 AM #
It was this conflict that gave Evgeny a chance to prove himself to the local boss in his organization. He was good at taking things.

05:45 AM #
He was also good at deciding what to steal: food, water, ammo, guns... He'd leave money, jewelry, and electronics behind. He got noticed.

05:48 AM #
He was on one of his looting expeditions with his cousin and two other men when somebody decided not to give up their stores easily. #zombie

05:51 AM #
Evgeny's cousin was shot at close range, a whistling chest wound that grew softer as Evgeny watched the man expire. He killed the shooter.

05:54 AM #
When his cousin sat up a few minutes later, dead but not-dead, dripping blood from open wounds, Evgeny stood frozen in fear... #zompocalypse

05:57 AM #
One of the other men with them ran. The other was too close. Evgeny's cousin grabbed him and pulled him down, tearing and biting...

06:01 AM #
Evgeny shot the thing that had been his cousin in the head, then aimed at the wounded man with him. Click... No bullets. The man ran away.

06:03 AM #
It was the middle of the night. Evgeny gave chase but lost track of the wounded man in the darkness, despite a considerable blood trail.

06:06 AM #
The wounded man took shelter with family members nearby. Evgeny knows this because they turned up dead--undead--the next day. #zombies

06:09 AM #
A zombie or two is one thing, but an overcrowded house full of them is another. When they got out, Evgeny's neighborhood fell apart.

06:12 AM #
That's the extent of Evgeny's tale that my contact was there to hear. I'm going to see what more I can learn. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse