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wausauloner - Sat Apr 27 2013

06:26 AM #
I'm having some trouble with my Blackberry's batteries. All that I took with me when my diplomatic mission began last fall are failing now.

06:29 AM #
As the batteries get old, they hold less charge for less time. I need to find some more in abandoned homes...or on the bodies of the undead.

06:32 AM #
There aren't any of either here on Washington Island, so I'll have to canvass the local survivors to see if they have any. #zombies

06:35 AM #
Some people still use phones as cameras. I've tried using others to communicate through the weakness between worlds, but only this one works

06:38 AM #
Back to Evgeny's story: Pressed into service as a bodyguard for his boss, Evgeny sat out the fighting as the zombie plague spread.

06:41 AM #
The criminals' HQ slowly filled up with family members rescued from the chaos by teams of gangsters sent out to retrieve specific people.

06:44 AM #
Not every team was successful. Some came back without their charges. Some didn't come back at all. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:47 AM #
One of the teams that didn't come back was supposed to bring the boss' daughter & grandson into the fortress-like HQ. The dead got them all.

06:50 AM #
Another team arrived in a shambles, every one of them wounded in some way except for the old woman they brought back--the boss' wife.

06:53 AM #
Some calls came in via portable radios from teams trapped in overrun parts of the neighborhood. The boss didn't send out more rescuers.

06:56 AM #
Instead, he instructed his radio people to tell those trapped by the dead that they had 30 minutes to make it back before the convoy left.

06:59 AM #
Evgeny said it wasn't his place to ask why--he repeated this several times (trying to convince us of his lack of agency, I suspect)--but...

07:02 AM #
...but he noticed strange activities around the vehicles being prepped in the convoy. The windows were being covered with aluminum foil.

07:05 AM #
That's going to be it for now. I really need to find batteries that haven't been recharged too many times. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse