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wausauloner - Sun Apr 28 2013

07:05 AM #
No luck on finding a "fresh" battery for my Blackberry yet. This will have to be quick today. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:08 AM #
I was retelling Evgeny's description of how the inside of the windows of the vehicles in the criminals' convoy were getting covered by foil.

07:11 AM #
At first, Evgeny thought the aluminum foil was meant to cover the windows so the dead couldn't see (and attack) people inside the vehicles.

07:14 AM #
Then he noticed that even the vehicles that had dark, tinted windows were getting the foil treatment. He took a closer look. #zompocalypse

07:17 AM #
Workers were carefully duct-taping foil into place on the inside of every window on every vehicle. There were small open strips for drivers.

07:20 AM #
...but even those openings had flaps of tinfoil taped above them so that they could be quickly blocked. Finally, Evgeny asked about them.

07:23 AM #
The frightening answer: "The foil is there to protect our eyes from the flash when Chicago gets nuked. It might block some radiation, too."

07:26 AM #
That was the first Evgeny heard of the rumor that Chicago was going to be nuked to stop the spread of the undead plague. #zompocalypse