Twitter Fiction Reader

wausauloner - Tue Apr 30 2013

06:39 AM #
That battery I tracked down won't hold a charge any better than the ones I already have. I guess these short bursts of tweets will continue.

06:42 AM #
After leaving the zombie outbreak behind, the mobsters' convoy followed a prearranged path, winding this way and that past many road blocks.

06:45 AM #
The convoy linked up with other vehicles, mostly VIPs of government, the wealthy, and the well-connected. They bypassed known problem areas

06:48 AM #
They were working their way out of Chicago and the suburbs west of the city. It took several hours because all direct routes were blocked.

06:51 AM #
Evgeny noticed his boss had begun checking his watch more frequently. He was also making more phone calls, always demanding information.

06:54 AM #
Once, when the foil fell away from a window, Evgeny saw that their convoy had begun picking up a ragtag following of civilian vehicles...

06:57 AM #
...the false rumor of Chicago's imminent bombing had gotten out. Suddenly, the convoy's path was blocked. They were trapped. #zompocalypse