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wausauloner - Wed May 01 2013

06:22 AM #
Time for more of Evgeny's story. The criminals' escape convoy was stuck in a panicked stream of people fleeing Chicago. #zompocalypse

06:25 AM #
Drivers were starting to run out of gas, causing more traffic problems. Vehicles were pushed or even rammed off the road. People were hurt.

06:28 AM #
Someone started shooting. With many refugees in the convoy heavily armed and nerves on end, things got bad fast. Then they got worse...

06:31 AM #
A nearby pocket of zombies heard the sound of the gunfire. They arrived at the height of combat. Their hungry attack added to the maelstrom.

06:34 AM #
The escape from Chicago became a bloody scrum. Human fought human. The dead attacked...killed...fed. Their victims re-joined the slaughter.

06:37 AM #
The fear of an imminent atomic blast made people crazy. Only a few, like Evgeny's new boss, thought clearly. He gave orders to his driver...

06:40 AM #
He told the driver to get out of the traffic jam by driving back into the city. Only a few others in the convoy were able to follow. #zombie

06:43 AM #
Leaving most of their fellows behind, their smaller convoy was able to navigate away from the roadblock and double back for a new route out.