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wausauloner - Thu May 02 2013

08:04 AM #
Yesterday I told how Evgeny's new boss and a few others in their convoy were turned back from their escape route out of Chicago. #zombies

08:07 AM #
Evgeny was in a town car with the boss and his wife and a driver. The wife was not dealing with the day's events well. #zombie #zompocalypse

08:10 AM #
The others were all hardened souls--even before the zombies rose--and while she was a mobster's wife, she wasn't ready for the zompocalypse.

08:13 AM #
Her sobs and wails occasionally became unbearable. Her husband struck her into silence more than once. The drive out was...uncomfortable.

08:16 AM #
Eventually, their much-reduced convoy reached outer checkpoints blocking traffic in and out of Chicago's metro area--the wrong checkpoints.

08:19 AM #
With their original path out of the city blocked, their way out was not cleared (either officially or through bribery). #zombie #zombies

08:22 AM #
At most earlier checkpoints, a few handfuls of cash were sufficient to ensure safe passage. The outermost checkpoints were a different story

08:25 AM #
After being rebuffed by a National Guard lieutenant, Evgeny's boss ordered his men to shoot their way out. Only the Town Car made it.