Twitter Fiction Reader

wausauloner - Fri May 03 2013

06:27 AM #
Let's see how long my battery will let me tweet today... Evgeny and his boss were glad to finally be out of Chicago. They kept looking back.

06:30 AM #
The difficulties they had getting out of Chicago actually kept them inside the metro area longer than they thought the city had left.

06:33 AM #
Their quick glances back towards the city eventually became long stares as they realized the rumor about the city's nuking was false.

06:36 AM #
They learned more outside Polo, Illinois, where local forces had a loudspeaker set up at the barricades barring entry into the town...

06:39 AM #
...The city's defenders played a looped recording of President Obama saying nuclear weapons would not be used to stop the zombie plague.

06:42 AM #
Mixed in with the recording: A warning to people fleeing Chicago not to approach the barricades. Polo was already a fortress town. #zombies

06:45 AM #
Several vehicles from Chicago were parked with the Town Car the criminals rode in. After they all listened to the warning, one ignored it.

06:48 AM #
Evgeny's boss watched carefully as the car approached the barricade. Evgeny heard the shot but didn't see where it came from... #zombies

06:51 AM #
It was an accurate shot--a single round through the windshield, instantly killing the driver. The car veered off the road and into the ditch

06:54 AM #
The vehicles' other occupants were told, via the loudspeaker, to leave the car and walk away. One man hesitated. He was also shot. #zombies

06:57 AM #
The others weren't allowed to take anything from the car. They begged for rides as they returned to those who didn't approach the barrier.

07:01 AM #
Evgeny's boss ignored them. He ordered his driver to turn around and leave. The other cars did the same. It was already a hard world.