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wausauloner - Sat May 04 2013

07:40 AM #
After leaving Polo, the driver of the town car carrying Evgeny, his new boss, and the boss' sobbing wife worked its way north. #zompocalypse

07:43 AM #
The crime boss Evgeny found himself guarding had decided not to try to get back into Chicago. It was safe from atomic fire, but not the dead

07:46 AM #
Their new destination: a cabin owned by the mobster near Lake Tomahawk, in the Northwoods of Wisconsin where they'd ride out the plague.

07:49 AM #
They thought the best route there would be I39, figuring people would have avoided what was a major artery for the spread of the plague.

07:52 AM #
They had not counted on one really big problem: A week after it started, the zombie plague was spreading from several new outbreak centers.

07:55 AM #
By this point, the undead plague was popping up in every major city. Refugees spread it further as the nationwide travel ban broke down.

07:58 AM #
The roads became more dangerous as order collapsed. It became a matter of survival of the most ruthless. Evgeny's boss was exactly that.

08:01 AM #
Time and again, the crime boss had Evgeny and the driver take what they needed to continue their journey. #zombies

08:04 AM #
Travel was still difficult. They had to avoid more fortress towns like Polo and military checkpoints. What should have taken hours took days

08:07 AM #
Evgeny said that each day they saw more and more of the undead walking around along the roads they traveled. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse