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wausauloner - Mon May 06 2013

09:18 AM #
I'm just about to the part of Evgeny's story when he encountered Leah. The convoy they woke up to was on its way to Door County from Madison

09:21 AM #
That convoy was one of several large columns taking survivors to the survivors' redoubt Governor Doyle established in northern Door County.

09:24 AM #
Evgeny's boss quickly found out what the convoy was doing & where it was heading. He decided the redoubt was a better option than his cabin.

09:27 AM #
Eventually, the crime boss found someone willing to make space on a bus for himself, his wife, Evgeny, and the driver. All it took was cash

09:31 AM #
Evgeny's story about what happened next--the people ejected from the bus, Aiden's abduction, Leah's injury--matched up with Leah's telling.

09:33 AM #
Evgeny explained that Aiden was given to the boss' wife because the child resembled a grandchild lost the night they left Chicago. #zombies

09:36 AM #
The woman had cracked, but the crime boss was unwilling to abandon her. Giving Aiden to her kept her quiet. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse