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wausauloner - Tue May 07 2013

04:42 AM #
I'll conserve battery power by skipping over the next part of Evgeny's story. I've already told how the criminals got prime refugee housing.

04:45 AM #
They made it to the Door County redoubt before the bridges at Sturgeon Bay were closed, well before the heroic final stand. #zompocalypse

04:48 AM #
Evgeny's boss didn't have the network in Door County that he had in Chicago, but he still had a lot of cash. It still meant something then.

04:51 AM #
The crime boss used that cash for more than bribing officials who could give him good housing. He also used it to obtain...pharmaceuticals.

04:54 AM #
It started with getting sedatives from "official sources" to calm his still distraught wife. The drugs also kept Aiden quiet and compliant.

04:57 AM #
Evgeny and the driver became busy running the crime boss' errands. The overcrowded redoubt was full of opportunity for men like them.

05:00 AM #
The boss eventually formed a partnership with some port guards. It allowed him to send Evgeny and the driver on trips into zombie territory.

05:03 AM #
They took boats down the coast to get high-value supplies from places abandoned to the zombies. Liquor, coffee, cigarettes, drugs...

05:06 AM #
Nobody was supposed to leave or enter the redoubt without authorization, but as long as officials go their cut, the operation thrived.