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wausauloner - Wed May 08 2013

06:16 AM #
I'm nearing the end of Evgeny's story. Telling it with dying batteries has allowed recent events to catch up...his fate is under discussion.

06:19 AM #
Pressed into the role of a smuggler in zombie-held territory, Evgeny saw the rest of Wisconsin descend into complete destruction. #zombies

06:22 AM #
Evgeny said he and the boss' former driver did not prey upon other survivors, though it would have made his job easier and less dangerous.

06:25 AM #
He said they only took supplies from the dead or from abandoned places. He at least recognizes there's a difference between salvage & theft.

06:28 AM #
They concentrated on easy pickings--checking isolated homes for liquor, cigarettes, coffee, and medical supplies--all valuable stuff.

06:31 AM #
They never knew what they would find, but with the survivor population in Door County growing, there was need for all of it. #zompocalypse

06:34 AM #
The steady flow of needed goods wasn't turned over to authorities. It was contraband. Those running the operation profited from it. #zombies

06:37 AM #
Evgeny and the former driver began to resent the way their efforts were making their boss rich again. They were risking THEIR lives.

06:40 AM #
What they didn't know was that their dangerous missions were giving them the skills they needed to survive what was to come... #zompocalypse