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wausauloner - Thu May 09 2013

12:11 PM #
I still have time to share more of his Evgeny's story while he awaits his fate... Evgeny spent less and less time in the redoubt itself...

12:14 PM #
As a result, he spent less time his boss' wife & Aiden, the kidnapped boy. He was able to share some news about that uncomfortable situation

12:17 PM #
The criminals were able to keep secret that Aiden was taken forcibly from his mother. It was easy, given the upheaval of the zombie outbreak

12:20 PM #
Outsiders saw that Aiden was an unhappy, scared little boy...but then so many would have taken incredible insight to see more...

12:23 PM #
Aiden was kept fed, clothed, and sheltered. Everybody around him had other, more obvious things to worry about than any mismatch in accent.

12:26 PM #
The child's story probably would have gotten out eventually, but the redoubt didn't survive long enough for schools to be set up. #zombies

12:29 PM #
According to Evgeny, Aiden never left the resort his "parents" bought assignment to. That news makes what happened next disturbing to share.