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wausauloner - Fri May 10 2013

05:39 AM #
There were many minor, contained outbreaks of the zombie plague inside the Door County redoubt before the whole thing finally collapsed.

05:42 AM #
Back in those days--the last weeks of 2009--people had figured out that the zombie plague spread by bite or via latent infection...

05:45 AM #
They had learned that people who had been near the original site of the outbreak in Wausau would reanimate if they died--for any reason.

05:48 AM #
Evgeny said Governor Doyle began a policy of quietly moving people who might have the latent form of the zombie plague into controlled areas

05:51 AM #
It started with rounding up all the people who were refugees from Wausau or who were in the traffic jam where the outbreak started. #zombies

05:54 AM #
The program expanded after someone who merely traveled through the area reanimated, proving that minor exposure could cause infection.

05:57 AM #
The zombie plague was causing havoc all over the country by then. People thought--rightly, it turned out--that it was the end of the world.

06:01 AM #
The situation caused an escalating series of crises among the survivors in Door County. Evgeny's boss saw an opportunity for profit.

06:03 AM #
He sold alibis and documentation people used to prove they were from areas far from The Anomaly that brought the zombie plague to Wausau...

06:06 AM #
Evgeny says that his boss quickly became surrounded with people who owed him favors. He was rebuilding his lost criminal empire.

06:09 AM #
Evgeny says that the first reanimations in the last Door county outbreak happened at a drug-fueled party set up by some of his boss' patrons