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wausauloner - Sun May 12 2013

10:06 AM #
At the point of Evgeny's story where my battery ran out yesterday, a member of the Washington Island justice committee brought in a witness.

10:09 AM #
It was one of the people Evgeny rescued from Egg Harbor that night in late 2009 when the Door County redoubt fell to the zombie plague.

10:12 AM #
She described how Evgeny and the other man in the boat went ashore in Egg Harbor over and over again to rescue more trapped survivors.

10:15 AM #
They re-killed many, many zombies in the overrun town. There were no authorities to coordinate the action. It was all Evgeny and other civs.

10:18 AM #
It was the actions of small groups of people like him---in dozens of places all over Door County--that saved the bulk of those who lived.

10:21 AM #
Military forces were based further down the peninsula (where they mistakenly thought the greatest threat of zombie attack was likely)...

10:24 AM #
Eventually, they led the last few thousand survivors out of mainland Door County to the ferries that could take them to Washington Island.

10:27 AM #
...but that night and first day, it was all small groups of people evading the growing horde of undead, extracting everyone they could.

10:30 AM #
The witness described how Evgeny and his companion talked to someone on their radio--their boss. They told him he had to wait his turn.

10:33 AM #
The boss was not taking that response very well. The witness was a rear guard volunteer at the docks and knew Evgeny had second thoughts...

10:36 AM #
But there were many more people trapped much closer to the harbor. Saving the boss would probably have cost the lives of many more people...

10:39 AM #
At one point, Evgeny told his boss that they had room on the boat for three people if he could get closer...he said only one was necessary.

10:42 AM #
There were sounds of a crying child & screaming woman in the background. Evgeny told him to hold on and he'd come get them all, next trip...

10:45 AM #
After that, Evgeny didn't answer his radio, despite making several more trips to rescue others who'd manage to evade the zombie horde...