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wausauloner - Mon May 13 2013

08:45 AM #
More on that horrible day when the Door County redoubt began its rapid collapse... The undead horde grew with incredible speed... #zombies

08:48 AM #
By some estimates, there were more than a million people crowded into refugee camps all over the northern half of Door County when it fell.

08:51 AM #
The initial outbreak spread much like the one that first day back in Wausau along the I39 traffic jam, gaining momentum in a tight crowd.

08:54 AM #
Mortally wounded people and the growing, closely following pack of zombies pursuing those who fled on foot spread the plague. #zompocalypse

08:57 AM #
Fresh zombies move faster in the first few hours of "unlife." Death swept through the entire redoubt in less than 48 hours.

09:01 AM #
As the dead cornered more and more of the living, large throngs surrounded pockets of survivors. They overwhelmed walls like a rising flood.

09:03 AM #
But there were pockets of calm left behind by the wave of death and infection. Evgeny said Egg Harbor became eerily quiet near sunset.

09:06 AM #
He and the driver figured they had one last chance to go ashore before dark. They climbed the hill quietly past dead distracted by feeding.

09:09 AM #
Most of the people killed by the dead got up and became part of the zombie legion. Evgeny knew every body still being eaten was a suicide.

09:12 AM #
There were huddles of undead clustered around each inanimate body. Here and there, a zombie or two bowed over a severed limb. #zompocalypse

09:15 AM #
Evgeny and the driver worked their way to the quarters they shared with their boss, his wife, and young Aiden. The incessant rain helped.

09:18 AM #
They couldn't risk using their radio to let their boss know they were close, but they'd called him before they left the harbor. #zombies

09:21 AM #
Evgeny said he could hear that all three people were still alive inside the secure apartment. The thumps on the door had ceased. #zombies

09:24 AM #
When they got to the luxury resort that had been re-purposed into VIP refugee quarters, most of the zombies surrounding it had moved on.

09:27 AM #
Not all of the dead had left. There were dozens of bloody, full-bellied zombies shuffling around, becoming more aimless as time passed.

09:30 AM #
There were also many crawlers around. They were bodies missing lost too much muscle mass to stand, meat lost to feeders before reanimation

09:33 AM #
One thing was clear: There were too many zombies for Evgeny and the driver to deal with. They watched from cover, trying to work out a plan.

09:36 AM #
Suddenly, they noticed Evgeny's boss waving to them from an upper window. He gestured at the front door below, then moved out of view.

09:39 AM #
They weren't sure what the crimelord's plan was, but they prepared their weapons and moved forward when they saw the door slowly opening...