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wausauloner - Tue May 14 2013

08:11 AM #
My batteries are holding less and less charge, so I'll get right back to where I left off in Evgeny's tale... #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

08:14 AM #
Evgeny and the driver waded in with their machetes, hacking at the nearest undead between them and the door of the resort building. #zombies

08:17 AM #
There were still too many for the two men to take out, but they knew their boss carried a pair of jeweled, silver-plated, silenced pistols.

08:20 AM #
They didn't expect the boss' wife nor Aiden to be armed, but those pistols would probably turn the tide and allow them all to escape the Zs.

08:23 AM #
They distracted the zombies between them and the door as it opened enough for those inside to leave. The old woman came out, carrying Aiden.

08:26 AM #
Behind them came the boss carrying a briefcase in one hand and one of those fancy pistols in the other. Carefully, the three moved forward.

08:29 AM #
Evgeny and the driver had their hands full. Their fighting approach had drawn all the undead at the front of the building to them. #zombies

08:32 AM #
As the growing horde of zombies threatened to swarm them, they half-shouted appeals to their boss to start shooting... He didn't. #zombies

08:35 AM #
Instead, just as his wife and the child neared the scrum of zombies around his two henchmen, he roughly shoved the woman into the horde.

08:38 AM #
Surprised and betrayed, the woman stumbled into the bloody undead creatures. The nearest zombies fell upon her and the boy... #zompocalypse

08:41 AM #
Her shrieks drew the attention of nearly all the nearby zombies. Evgeny and the driver tried to get to her and the boy, but it was too late.

08:44 AM #
The boss yanked at Evgeny's sleeve while pulling the driver away from the scene. The old man whispered, "The boat!" through gritted teeth...

08:47 AM #
Many more zombies were stumbling into sight, drawn by the fading screams of the dying woman. The men moved out while they still could.

08:50 AM #
Once they were clear, the driver asked what just happened. The boss replied, simply, that he was running low on bullets. #zompocalypse