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wausauloner - Wed May 15 2013

08:10 AM #
As I revealed yesterday, Evgeny saw young Aiden die at the hands of his boss. It was near full dark when the three men reached Egg Harbor.

08:13 AM #
Both Evgeny and the driver were stunned that their boss escaped the zombies by murdering his wife and the child he kidnapped to console her.

08:16 AM #
His refusal to use scarce bullets was a cold, calculating decision. His two henchmen, changed by the day's events, couldn't fathom it.

08:19 AM #
They slowed their pace as they entered Egg Harbor, watchful for zombies undistracted by all the fresh meat on the ground. They saw other men

08:22 AM #
A flash of lightning revealed the men to be the advance scouts of a party of survivors also headed to the docks. Evgeny was nearest them...

08:25 AM #
He started moving out from cover to get the others' attention when the boss pulled him back, whispering that there wasn't room on the boat.

08:28 AM #
"No, there isn't." ...It was the driver. He was holding the old man's wrist, wrenching the fancy pistol from his grasp. #zompocalypse

08:31 AM #
"You killed your wife. You killed that boy. ...and you killed me." The driver held up his forearm, a bloody arc of toothmarks in the flesh.

08:34 AM #
The man had had enough. Like Evgeny, he had done his boss' bidding both before and after the zombies rose. It was over, one way or another.

08:37 AM #
The driver told Evgeny to go, to take the others to safety like they'd saved dozens of others earlier in the day. Evgeny got up to leave...

08:40 AM #
None of the three men spoke. They didn't need to. All knew where they stood at that moment. Evgeny clasped the driver's shoulder, then left.

08:43 AM #
Evgeny walked out toward the other party. When he heard two soft snaps from the silenced pistol, he thought he had left his past behind.

08:46 AM #
@CrisisZero2013 It looks like it's happening to another world. I'm so sorry when I see tweets like these coming through an anomaly. #zombie