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wausauloner - Fri May 17 2013

08:02 AM #
While I've been relating the crimes Evgeny committed in late 2009, the Washington Island justice committee has been deciding his fate.

08:05 AM #
After hearing testimony from Leah, whose son Evgeny helped kidnap, & others with a personal stake in the sentencing decision, it came down:

08:08 AM #
In part because Leah asked for it, Evgeny is being shown the mercy of becoming a second-chancer. He must leave Washington Island, however...

08:11 AM #
...However, as a "second-chancer," he is being allowed to resettle among another allied survivor group. His wife declined to go with him.

08:14 AM #
Also, because he is a second-chancer, any further issues would mean instant banishment. I don't think that's likely. He's a changed man.

08:17 AM #
It's true that Evgeny did terrible things. Unforgivable things. But it can't be denied that he isn't the man he was then. #zompocalypse

08:20 AM #
For some, the rise of the zombies led to the decline of their humanity. For Evgeny, the worse it got, the more he found his.