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wausauloner - Sat May 18 2013

04:20 AM #
Because of special circumstances, Evgeny was given additional time to prepare his departure from Washington Island. #zombies #zompocalypse

04:23 AM #
In gratitude to Leah after she asked for leniency in his sentencing, he has offered to return to Egg Harbor, go ashore, and find her son.

04:26 AM #
Of course, Aiden died that night in 2009. Evgeny wants to find and put down the animated body, then bury the remains. #zombie #zompocalypse

04:29 AM #
A small group of volunteers is going back ashore at Egg Harbor to go inland and find the boy's body. We're hoping it didn't wander far.

04:32 AM #
I feel too involved in this drama to step aside now. I'm going along to see it out. Leah is too, but she'll be staying with the boats.

04:35 AM #
We leave shortly. I expect it will be at least a couple days before I get close enough to a site where my tweets can get out again. #zombies