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wausauloner - Tue May 21 2013

12:23 PM #
We're near Bear Creek now. This is as far as we're going today. We'll be staying here with the final clean-up crew from their big move.

12:26 PM #
More on that tomorrow. Right now, I want to relate what happened after we reached Egg Harbor. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

12:29 PM #
We took two boats to Egg Harbor. One would return to Washington Island after the mission, the other would head back to the mainland. #zombie

12:32 PM #
Leah and another volunteer stayed with the boats.They anchored away from the dock for safety while the rest of us went ashore. #zompocalypse

12:35 PM #
The density of zombies had evened out in the years since the Door County redoubt fell. The damned things were here, there...everywhere.

12:38 PM #
But because we were well-prepared and ready to fight our way to the luxury resort where Aiden fell, we quickly cut a swath through the dead.

12:41 PM #
We knew that the only way to survive our mission was to keep going, quietly, at a pace faster than zombies move. It was still a close thing.

12:44 PM #
Evgeny led us to the resort on a circuitous route so we wouldn't have to retrace our path into the zombie horde gathering behind us. #zombie

12:46 PM #
The first scene from Evgeny's story that we came across was where his boss was killed by the driver, who then took his own life. #zombies

12:48 PM #
I saw the skulls of the two men. Each had a small caliber bullet hole, showing how the brains were destroyed to prevent reanimation. #zombie

12:50 PM #
There wasn't much else left. The undead had stumbled across the bodies and tore them apart, leaving a litter of bones scattered around.

12:53 PM #
Zombies stop eating a body once reanimation occurs. Those headshots meant there was nothing to stop the zombies from eating all they could.

12:56 PM #
We also found the fancy pistol Evgeny described. Despite its expensive plating, the elements had rendered it useless. #zompocalypse

12:59 PM #
The briefcase Evgeny's boss was carrying during his escape was also discovered. It was locked so we took it with us to break open later.

01:02 PM #
When we got to the resort where Evgeny lived with the driver, their boss, the boss' wife, and Aiden, we found the woman and boy right away.

01:05 PM #
Both were not much more than open torsos with partial limbs attached. Yet still they moved and struggled to get up to attack us. #zombies

01:08 PM #
The zombies that fell upon them that night in 2009 were able to eat or tear up too much of them before they reanimated, joining the horde.

01:11 PM #
It was what we thought we'd find, based on Evgeny's story. He spiked the smaller body's brain, then bundled up the remains to carry them out

01:14 PM #
We completed our great circle route and got back to the dock, then went to the small island Evgeny shuttled survivors to during the outbreak

01:17 PM #
After a short ceremony, we burned Aiden's body and buried the ashes on that small, quiet piece of land, far from the zombies on shore.