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wausauloner - Wed May 22 2013

04:21 AM #
Time for more updates before we head for Rhinelander. The briefcase we found contained drugs, the other silenced pistol, and plenty of ammo.

04:24 AM #
That damned old crime boss had lots of ammunition. Even his excuse for sacrificing his wife and Aiden turned out to be false. #zompocalypse

04:27 AM #
As for Bear Creek, this place is nearly cleared out. It was made safe enough from the dead, but it can't be defended from other people.

04:30 AM #
Last fall, during my visit here, we worked out a plan to move the people and their valuable sauerkraut canning factory to The Farm Colonies.

04:33 AM #
It looks like they were able to strip this place of most anything of value. Anon and his Rapture's Reapers will be disappointed, I'm sure.

04:36 AM #
Evgeny is eventually going to get his second-chance in The Farm Colonies west of Wausau as well. First, we have to return Leah to her people