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wausauloner - Thu May 23 2013

05:23 AM #
I'm at the cell tower site near Rhinelander that I use to tweet when I visit our allies at Camp Tesomas. Leah is back with her "duck people"

05:26 AM #
While we were gone, Shawn & John have been butting heads over the future of the group they lead with Tina, their wife & sister, respectively

05:29 AM #
Tina has become frustrated with the men. They can't agree and she won't break the tie. The delay in Leah's return has made things worse.

05:32 AM #
I can't stay to help them work things out because I have to take Evgeny to Wausau. Not everyone here is as understanding as Leah. #zombies

05:35 AM #
It's been a long time since my diplomatic trip began. It took me many places and I saw many things. Now, though, it's time to go home.