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wausauloner - Tue May 28 2013

07:14 AM #
I'm out at The Farm Colonies. I drove Sue out here after one of her apprentices ran into a medical challenge he couldn't handle himself.

07:17 AM #
So, for awhile at least, I'm free to pass on some of the news I've learned while catching up after my diplomatic mission. #zompocalypse

07:20 AM #
First, the most important news: There's been no sign of the Rapture's Reapers cultists. Pete has scouts out watching for their return.

07:23 AM #
Their expected return from their winter grounds farther south is taking longer than we thought. They're up to something. But what? #zombies

07:26 AM #
Pete has had workers improving defenses against an anticipated Reaper strike all winter long. We'll make use of any extra time they give us.

07:29 AM #
The population is booming here. They've taken in many refugees from survivor outposts caught up in the Reapers/Cannibal gangs conflict.

07:32 AM #
The Reapers' surprise outflanking of the Cannibal Gangs' territory last year and the long siege of their strongholds cost both sides dearly.

07:35 AM #
Many of the Cannibal Gangs' leaders have lost hold of the people enslaved by their cruel system. Only a few southern strongholds remain.

07:38 AM #
They're too far away for us to worry about, for now at least. One fewer distraction stopping us from taking our world back from the dead.