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wausauloner - Wed May 29 2013

06:02 AM #
Getting back into the swing of things with a morning patrol to make sure no zombies have wandered into the safe zone around my home...

06:05 AM #
Others have kept up the fences while I've been gone. I didn't see any undead within the outer perimeter of my neighborhood. #zompocalypse

08:10 AM #
I've been going through all the Blackberry batteries I've scrounged from abandoned homes and vehicles and off of the bodies of the dead...

08:13 AM #
Some, like the ones I took on my diplomatic tour over the winter, no longer take a full charge and run out of juice quickly. Maybe 1 in 10.

08:16 AM #
Fortunately, I have hundreds of these batteries so I should be well-stocked for some time. I could even raid an old cell phone store someday