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wausauloner - Fri May 31 2013

05:23 AM #
I thought Pete was just about fully recovered from the Reaper attack on his life last year. I learned last night that this is not the case.

05:26 AM #
Pete still has shrapnel inside his body that restricts his movements dramatically. If he tries to be too active, he can have a relapse.

05:29 AM #
Sue has been monitoring the un-removable shrapnel since he was first injured. Without being able to perform surgery, she can do little else.

05:32 AM #
There are at least two bits of metal stuck in Pete's body that Sue knows of. One is near his right kidney. The other is near his spine.

05:35 AM #
Now that I'm back from my diplomatic mission, Pete wants to head back to The Farm Colonies where he can be a more hands-on leader. #zombies

05:38 AM #
If he should go anywhere, it should be to an O.R. so he can have those bits of shrapnel removed. Too bad there's no such thing anymore.

05:41 AM #
Meanwhile, Sue has set up a satellite clinic next door to make better use of her time here. Nicked-up scrounge teams come by often. #zombies

09:34 AM #
Troy, who Pete put in charge of day-to-day administration of The Farm Colonies in his absence, is here for their weekly face-to-face meeting

09:37 AM #
Pete uses my radio room as a control center of sorts. He's able to use the secure radios we scrounged to manage our whole alliance. #zombies

09:40 AM #
He also makes his HAM radio addresses from here. They're relayed up to the tower on Rib Mt. for broadcast to other zompocalypse survivors.

09:43 AM #
Since his injury during the Reaper attack last year, Pete's role as a symbol has grown. He knows it and has borne the responsibility well.

09:46 AM #
Troy, Sue, and I have convinced Pete not to risk trying to travel back to The Farm Colonies. This place is almost as safe, I think. #zombies