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wausauloner - Sat Jun 01 2013

06:56 AM #
With my long absence and Pete's "takeover" of my home, there are so many people taking care of the basics that I'm...a bit aimless. #zombies

06:59 AM #
Pete's guards keep the area free of zombies. Some of their families have set up in nearby homes. They work the gardens, hunt, and fish.

07:02 AM #
There's a steady stream of visitors stopping by, and the place is a staging area for scrounging teams mining Wausau for supplies. #zombies

07:05 AM #
I do help Pete out with alliance relations, since I met most of the leaders of those other survivor groups and convinced them to join up...

07:08 AM #
...But I think I need to find myself something to occupy the rest of my time or risk getting assigned to some boring administrative tasks!