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wausauloner - Tue Jun 04 2013

05:44 AM #
I had a lot of time to think while I was hunting yesterday. Sitting in a tree stand clears your head. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

05:47 AM #
You can probably guess what I was thinking about... my role in the rebirth of civilization Pete is spearheading. And my diplomatic mission.

05:50 AM #
I've felt kind of aimless since my return. My home is now Pete's HQ/convalescence ward. Others have taken over my daily patrols and chores.

05:53 AM #
As for my mission itself...I lost so many of my people. Mostly in Ishpeming. Their lives were lost as a direct result of decisions I made.

05:56 AM #
Others died at Two Rivers... on Lake Michigan... And though I found Shawn and his duck people, they may bail on our alliance. #zompocalypse

05:59 AM #
I'm going to talk to Pete. I'm going to tell him I don't think I'm cut out for any more missions on his behalf. His goals are too important.

06:02 AM #
I'm going to suggest I do something I know I can do: sneak around and scout. I can watch for Reapers and the dead. I can partner with Evgeny

12:59 PM #
I made my request to Pete for assignments with...less gravity. He didn't interrupt me or try to change my mind. He just listened. #zombies

01:02 PM #
He said he'd think about it while I take a few more days to get caught up with life back here in Wausau. He did request I do some hunting.

01:05 PM #
He said he heard there were some pheasants sighted out beyond the old 9 Mile Park. It's a good short-term project for Shorty and I. #zombies