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wausauloner - Wed Jun 05 2013

02:30 AM #
Heading out to try to get a pheasant or two with Shorty. I just realized how rarely I use a shotgun these days. #zombies #zompocalypse

02:33 AM #
I never use a shotgun against the zombies. Too much noise. NEVER birdshot, obviously. I'm bringing my bow along to deal with any Zs I see.

02:36 AM #
Shorty will give me plenty of warning if any undead are around. I just hope she still remembers what do do when she finds a bird.

03:01 AM #
Walking out to 9 Mile with Shorty... I passed by Pete on my way out. He just smiled and waved. I keep expecting him to argue with me.

03:04 AM #
I didn't foresee him taking the news that I don't want important missions anymore so well. I thought he had other plans for me. #zombies

06:23 AM #
Shorty kicked up a pheasant, but I wasn't in a good position to shoot. I guess we're both a little rusty. At least I know they're out here.

06:26 AM #
I keep finding myself thinking about hunting back before the zombies. Things are different now. No seasons or limits. Game is still scarce.

06:29 AM #
For awhile, it was hard to find any game the zombies hadn't run to ground and killed. The lucky few are repopulating. Like us. #zompocalypse

07:42 AM #
Shorty is running around, her tongue lolling about with this big doggie grin on her face. She needed this. Me too.

09:24 AM #
Got a bird. Shorty was almost on top of it before it took off. Maybe the pheasants who've avoided the zombies learned not to tire themselves

11:11 AM #
Saw a zombie tangled in thick brush. Shorty snapped right out of hunting mode and back into guard dog behavior. I downed it quietly.

12:51 PM #
Got a second pheasant. Time to head back home, roast these birds up, and give everyone staying there a late treat for supper. #zompocalypse

05:02 PM #
Kurt and May stopped by with Ava for a visit and to enjoy some roast pheasant. Kurt wants me to teach him how to hunt the birds tomorrow.

05:04 PM #
That young man has become quite a zombie-fighter since I first met him. I forget there's a lot he never got the chance to learn. #zombies