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wausauloner - Thu Jun 06 2013

03:04 AM #
I'm at Kurt and May's place. They've reinforced their fence and added slats to keep prying eyes--dead or alive--from seeing people inside.

03:07 AM #
I brought a shotgun and shells for Kurt. Like me, he'll have a back-up weapon--his antique Civil War cavalry sabre--in case we see zombies.

06:31 AM #
We've already bagged two pheasants. There were five on the side of the road. They slunk into brush as we approached and stood still, hiding.

06:34 AM #
They probably thought we were zombies and didn't want to fly off unless they had to. The dead catch animal prey by wearing them out.

06:37 AM #
Yesterday, I thought the birds' behavior might be changing. We're definitely seeing a pattern. Anyway, the tactic doesn't help against guns.

11:13 AM #
We got six pheasants in total. To help the population rebuild, we didn't shoot any females. We'll clean them at Kurt and May's place.

11:16 AM #
Kurt caught on fast. I suppose all our time together patrolling for zombies made communication easier for us. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

01:02 PM #
We made a pheasant stew using some of last year's preserved veggies and potatoes. Kurt and May peppered me with questions while we worked.

01:04 PM #
They wanted to know everything that happened during my diplomatic mission. I didn't hold back when talking about my failures. #zompocalypse

01:07 PM #
It felt good, talking it out with them. They're so young. Still teens! They see things differently. This world will be theirs to rebuild.

01:10 PM #
I didn't tell them about my "retirement" discussion with Pete.