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wausauloner - Sat Jun 08 2013

07:10 AM #
I have a splitting headache.

09:03 AM #
I remember now why I save liquor I find and trade it rather than drink it myself.

09:06 AM #
I vaguely remember Ruth grilling me about my decision to retire from important missions for Pete and the alliance. #zompocalypse #zombies

09:09 AM #
She's been out working in her gardens since before I woke up the first time. Shorty's with her. Ooof. I think I'd better get up.

10:30 AM #
Ruth says I'm in no condition to ride my bike back home through zombie-held territory. I agree. I'm staying the night. But no more booze!

03:23 PM #
Ruth is giving me more grief about my decision. I guess I shared more than I remember last night.

03:26 PM #
Ruth disagrees with my plan to "retire." She says the man she worked with to rescue schoolchildren wouldn't quit. ouch. That was long ago.

03:29 PM #
She said my work for Pete and this alliance against the Reapers, zombies, and other threats is even more important. I agree about that part.

03:32 PM #
I just think I'm not the one to do them.