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wausauloner - Mon Jun 10 2013

05:52 AM #
That dead thing I had to put down yesterday...the one in the police uniform...I went back and burned the body. Kind of felt I had to.

10:35 AM #
I'm going back out into my favorite tree stand. It's a little early for pre-dusk deer activity, but I need some time to think. #zompocalypse

12:55 PM #
I keep finding my thoughts wandering, not really being aware of my surroundings. A zombie got close to my tree stand. And now I'm tweeting!

12:58 PM #
Tweeting. I can't believe I'm still doing this. Is @ProfPierson still alive? His arrangements allow me to keep sending tweets. But to who?

01:01 PM #
I know there are people "elsewhere" who get them through the weakness between worlds caused by The Anomaly that brought the Z plague here.

01:04 PM #
I see fewer tweets getting through to me from other worlds now. Did whatever causes the zombie contagion get through? Are other worlds lost?

01:07 PM #
As for my world, are there other DARPA facilities monitoring Twitter like the automated one we found on Mosinee Hill? Is all this worth it?

01:10 PM #
Sure, having our people watching my tweets in the automated DARPA center allows limited communication predatory survivors can't overhear...

01:13 PM #
...But I could give this phone to others who are better suited to the missions I've been leading. Maybe my promise to @ProfPierson is done.

03:07 PM #
.@SDstream Thanks for the support. I hope you never need to use any of the information I've shared here.

03:09 PM #
.@HollywoodHolte I hope you never have to fight the battles we've had to here. If you do, and my work helps, then I'm glad to be of aid.

04:01 PM #
No fresh venison tonight. I saw a couple deer but not until it was too late to shoot. I was too distracted in the deer stand. #zompocalypse

04:54 PM #
.@wallrock88 It might. The towers don't have to have analogs here. I just need to have a mini-anomaly in the same place a tower exists there