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wausauloner - Tue Jun 11 2013

02:04 AM #
Going back out to try to redeem my reputation for being a good hunter. I just might also be avoiding human contact for awhile. #zombies

05:01 AM #
I saw a doe and could have taken a shot. I didn't. Trying to let the population rebuild after the zombies killed or chased out so much game.

07:20 AM #
Someone is out in the woods, sneaking around. They're not moving like the dead do. The dead don't use cover. Only caught a glimpse.

07:38 AM #
Cripes, it's Jason. The kid has grown so much while I've been gone that I hardly recognize him. Looks like he was looking for me. #zombies

08:43 AM #
Apparently, Jason decided to track me down. He was a little miffed that I haven't visited him since I returned from my diplomatic mission.

08:46 AM #
He speaks better now. He's considerably less feral than when I met him. I tell you, the kid still knows how to move quickly and quietly...

08:49 AM #
He has a spear and he said he could sneak up on a deer and get it before I get one walking past my stand. We made a bet. He's out stalking.

08:52 AM #
The kid survived by himself for a long time after the dead rose. There's a good chance I'll lose my bet. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

12:05 PM #
I got a buck, but I lost the bet. I had just started gutting it when Jason showed up, dragging one he's already field-dressed. #zombies

12:08 PM #
We'll process the meat from both deer back at my house, feeding the crew there with some and drying the rest for storage. #zompocalypse

04:30 PM #
Since I lost the bet with Jason, I have to spend the day with him tomorrow doing whatever he wants. He wants to go zombie-hunting.

04:33 PM #
He says it will be like the old days when we first met. The kid has no fear of the dead. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse