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wausauloner - Thu Jun 13 2013

02:15 AM #
There are about ten zombies in the parking lot that I can see. Jason and I should be able to take them out without too much trouble.

03:50 AM #
We've evaded the zombies we didn't kill on our way out of the Post Office parking lot. We're in the west-side parking ramp of the mall now.

03:53 AM #
We're not going to try to get into the mall again. We've learned our lesson. We're using the ramps to move around under some cover. #zombies

03:56 AM #
As long as we go slowly and watch for zombies between and under abandoned cars, it's a fairly safe way to move around. #zombie #zompocalypse

04:25 AM #
Still in the parking ramp. We've been looking at the surrounding buildings with binoculars. Some are burned. Others look just fine. #zombies

04:28 AM #
Most have lower level windows that are broken, boarded up, or both. Barricades are visible. Some torn apart. Some tattered HELP signs remain

04:31 AM #
We can see inside some of the windows. There are zombies visible in the old Federal Building and Dudley Tower. But not the library. Hmmm.

04:34 AM #
The lower level windows of the library aren't boarded up...they're "soaped up" to screen visibility. Somebody survived inside for awhile.

05:03 AM #
I've convinced Jason that we should try to get into the library. I doubt anybody could still be staying inside, but that soap intrigues me.

08:31 AM #
We're in the abandoned main Marathon County Public Library building. We got in using a knotted rope hanging from a 3rd floor window.

08:33 AM #
Jason climbed up, then opened up a loading dock door for Shorty and I. There were no zombies inside. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse #mcpl

10:23 AM #
We've found rough beds made out of seat cushions. Enough for 11 people. Still no zombies or bodies. #MCPL #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:26 AM #
The "beds" are covered by sheets of newspapers taped together and layered. They would have been needed by late November that first year.

10:29 AM #
The food debris is limited. Some of it obviously came from vending machines or desk drawers, but there are also cans and small animal bones.

10:32 AM #
I'd say the people who lived here in the library eventually didn't make it back from a food run or decided to look for a safer neighborhood.

10:35 AM #
Since I don't know of anybody in The Farm Colonies who says they stayed here, I'm guessing whoever was here met their end outside somewhere.

10:38 AM #
One interesting thing about this place: Whoever was here spent a great deal of time packing away important books for posterity. #zombies

10:41 AM #
The basement and first floor are blocked off with barricades of furniture, computers, and filing cabinets. The second floor is different.

10:44 AM #
...The books on the second floor--the reference section--have been partially re-sorted. They seem to have abandoned the Dewey Decimal System

10:47 AM #
Instead, the books have been re-shelved into sections labeled with signs that say things like ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL SKILLS and FOR REBUILDING.

10:50 AM #
The most important books have been wrapped in tarps, shrink wrap, and whatever else was at hand. Somebody wanted these books to stay safe.

12:05 PM #
Time to leave this place. Some day, we'll be back. The information preserved here is priceless. The people that lived here...They did good.