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wausauloner - Fri Jun 14 2013

04:10 AM #
Got a good night's sleep after not getting much the night before. It's hard to snooze hiding in a truck surrounded by zombies. #zompocalypse

04:13 AM #
Jason woke me up a little while ago. He says we have to report what we found at the library to Pete. I suppose he's right. #zombie #zombies

05:02 AM #
Well, that felt strange. Pete thanked us for the information, said he'd send someone back to the library, and dismissed us quickly. #zombies

05:04 AM #
I suppose it's what I should have expected, having recently told Pete I was retiring from important missions. Jason was still impressed.

05:07 AM #
Jason is also a bit disappointed. He was hoping to squeeze another day of zombie hunting out of the deal, figuring we'd return to MCPL today

07:51 AM #
I've been thinking about what we found in the Marathon County Public Library in downtown Wausau. Namely, the evidence of survivors there.

07:54 AM #
Eleven people--struggling to survive, surrounded by zombies, and slowly starving--took the time to make sure knowledge was preserved.

07:57 AM #
They weren't just doing it for themselves. They packaged those books to keep them safe and make them easy for others to find in the future.

07:59 AM #
Even the choices they made about which books to save were for long-term recovery, despite the dire state of their own short-term prospects.

08:02 AM #
The sense of duty showed by those people, who we'll never know, is making me feel a little ashamed of myself right now. How can I just quit?

08:05 AM #
I just don't know if I can handle being responsible for more lives being lost.