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wausauloner - Mon Jun 17 2013

05:06 AM #
I was getting ready to spend another day out in my tree stand when a radio call came in, relayed from Pete's southernmost scouts. #zombies

05:09 AM #
One of the teams missed a check-in. They were found dead. Undead, actually. Someone tortured and killed them, then left them to reanimate.

05:12 AM #
There were words painted in blood on the walls of the building the scout team was found in. Standard Reaper stuff: "SINNER," "REPENT," etc.

05:15 AM #
So... The Rapture's Reapers haven't gone away for good. I guess I didn't expect their insane leader, Anon, to give up his grudge against us.

05:18 AM #
The tenets of his sick, twisted cult say the undead are our gateway to heaven and we're occupying his holy land. #zombies #zompocalypse

05:21 AM #
I listened to the report when Pete took the radio call. By the time it was over, we both understood I had to go investigate the situation.

05:24 AM #
I have to apologize for being so whiny lately. Yes, people have died on missions I've led. ...But that's the kind of world we live in now.

05:27 AM #
That police officer I found...the survivors from MCPL who secured knowledge for the future before they died... They all did their duty.

05:31 AM #
I realize now that my duties have outgrown my original promise to @ProfPierson. Everyone who can act, must act. Too few remain to sit idle.

05:33 AM #
I have friends now that I didn't have before 10/30/2009. More friends. Closer friends. People depend on each other more than before that day

05:36 AM #
Before the undead rose, my life was OK, but nothing special. I was just an unemployed construction guy. My few friends called me a loner.

05:39 AM #
I started this Twitter account, in part, to make connections. Everyone told me social media was a way to get hired for future jobs. #zombies

05:42 AM #
It didn't work out as I planned. Now, fate made me one of the lucky few survivors in an undead world who might be able to make a difference.

05:45 AM #
I have to try to make as much as I can out of the opportunities I have. I told Pete to forget about my request for retirement. #zombies

07:14 AM #
My support team has arrived from the Farm Colonies. We head south as soon as the radio guy gets our security codes squared away. #zombies