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wausauloner - Wed Jun 19 2013

04:36 PM #
I'm in Spring Green. Yes, the Spring Green made famous when Frank Lloyd Wright built Taliesin nearby. The town belongs to the dead now.

04:39 PM #
It's not safe to stay at this site for very long--I'm sending from a truck under a cell tower that must have working analogs on other worlds

04:42 PM #
We've captured two Reaper agents. Wiley ones. They had a trap for us and we almost fell for it. We think we got lucky, this time around.

04:45 PM #
This area is not zombie-free. In fact, one is pawing at the windshield right now. But I'm more worried there are other Reapers nearby.

04:48 PM #
What I'm worried about is this: That the whole point of the attack on our scouts was to watch and record how we responded and communicated.

04:51 PM #
So, on the chance there are other Reapers monitoring radios nearby, my team is staying off the air. I sent a man back to Pete with a report.

04:54 PM #
But I also have to keep this method of communication secret, so my phone (and the mini-anomaly bucket) are out of sight. Signing off for now