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wausauloner - Fri Jun 21 2013

06:32 AM #
A good chunk of Spring Green has been checked carefully for hidden Reapers. Most of the undead in those zones have been put down. #zombies

06:35 AM #
The area around this site has been completely secured, allowing me to catch up with events since our scouts were killed by Reaper agents.

06:38 AM #
As I related a few days ago, the dead scouts were left to reanimate in a room painted in their blood. Messages made it clear Reapers did it.

06:41 AM #
That got me thinking during the trip... The Reapers normal heavy-handed use of twisted religious symbolism seemed...underwhelming this time.

06:44 AM #
In the past, the Reapers have left undead bodies for us to find that were posed like sculptures. They used wire to attach them to framework.

06:47 AM #
When the Reapers destroyed the former Amherst survivor enclave, the sick sculpture they left behind included an explosive booby trap.

06:50 AM #
They didn't do either of those things this time, though it was clear they tortured the scouts before killing them, avoiding head shots.

06:52 AM #
As I thought it over, I decided the whole thing might be a different kind of trap, one meant to ferret out someone important who responded?

06:54 AM #
They'd tried assassinating Pete already...then another theory struck me: Maybe they wanted to gather intel by watching how we reacted?

06:56 AM #
So, as our first responders stayed at the site of the killing, we took an unusual route and made our final approach quietly, on foot.

06:59 AM #
We surprised a two-man Reaper team hiding in a camouflaged blind in the woods near the site of the killings. They had short-ranged walkies.

07:02 AM #
They also had notebooks, binoculars, a telescope, & cameras with long-ranged lenses. They were watching the house where our men were killed.

07:05 AM #
The cameras had pictures of our original response team arriving at the house, discovering the animated bodies of the scouts, and so on.

07:08 AM #
The notebooks were full of bloody fingerprints and spatter along with a few bits of mostly unimportant information they learned via torture.

07:11 AM #
Those short-ranged walkie-talkies could have been used for communicating between the two men, but they might also be used to talk to others.

07:14 AM #
That's when I sent a man back to The Farm Colonies to gather a large recon and combat force. We had to make sure there weren't more Reapers.

07:17 AM #
I was fairly sure there had to be a second team somewhere nearby with radio scanners to monitor us and a shortwave to rely findings to Anon.

07:20 AM #
I figured it had to be close to the home our scouts used, the only area with views of the one train and two highway bridges nearby.

07:23 AM #
And so our search started in that area. It was triangulating a panicked radio call made by the Reapers that allowed us to find them quickly.

07:26 AM #
The second Reaper team had all the same equipment as the first, though they also had a variety of radio scanners and a shortwave unit.

07:29 AM #
They had much cleaner notebooks containing the same information the first group learned from torturing our men. #zombies #zompocalypse

07:32 AM #
We have to assume that information was relayed to Anon, wherever the main Reaper group is currently camped. I hope that's all they learned.