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wausauloner - Sat Jun 22 2013

06:54 AM #
Still clearing zombies out of sections of Spring Green. No signs of further Reaper activity. I've been looking over the gear we captured...

06:57 AM #
Except for the shortwave radio, all of the other radios were in scan mode. Our comm guys say they had all civilian bands covered. #zombies

07:01 AM #
We noted the frequency the shortwave radio was on, though it's likely the Reapers change frequencies often so the information isn't useful.

07:03 AM #
The frequency the radio was set on is best for long range communication, which may indicate that the Reaper main body is still far away.

07:06 AM #
We're going to keep searching for any more Reapers we have penned up here. We're doing it quickly so they don't have a chance to sneak out.

07:09 AM #
Unfortunately, that has led to some close calls during some encounters with the local zombie population. We lost a dog in some crossfire.