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wausauloner - Sun Jun 23 2013

09:10 AM #
We'll soon have all of Spring Green and the surrounding area completely free of zombies. The search for Reapers has made it necessary.

09:13 AM #
This place doesn't show any sign of real barricades or fortified buildings. The zombie plague must have hit the area on Z-day or soon after.

09:16 AM #
There are signs of scrounging here. Not just the kind of panicked stuff that happened on Z-day... Someone lived nearby, at least for awhile.

09:19 AM #
Our searchers have opened cupboards to find thick layers of dust atop time-ruined food. Burst cans...rodent feces...moldy boxes... #zombies

09:22 AM #
After we finish searching for Reapers we'll go back and look for anything worth salvaging. Some cans always survive repeated freezing.