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wausauloner - Mon Jun 24 2013

10:22 AM #
We found a vehicle hidden under camouflage netting about a mile south of Spring Green. A nice new 2009 Audi A4 with a fresh, drab paint job.

10:25 AM #
The battery is good and the fuel tank is 1/2 full. The trunk is stuffed with food, water, ammo, and other supplies including extra clothes.

10:28 AM #
The clothes match up with the four men we captured. Unless there's another vehicle around here, I think we got the whole Reaper expedition.

10:31 AM #
It looks like the four Reapers stashed their car and hiked the rest of the way to catch our people off guard. Kind of how we caught them.

10:34 AM #
We're still going to clear all the zombies out of Spring Green, just in case we missed a second Reaper vehicle.