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wausauloner - Tue Jun 25 2013

03:13 AM #
I think we'll be able to wrap up our operations in Spring Green today. The zombie numbers aren't as dense here as in most cities and towns.

03:16 AM #
Another likely reason why the zombie count is lower than usual: This place fell too quickly for refugees to gather (and, eventually, turn).

03:19 AM #
We're about to light some fires to burn the bodies of the undead we've downed. The smoke will help draw out the stragglers we haven't found.

02:11 PM #
We're done here. Some of us are heading to The Farm Colonies tomorrow with our prisoners and the gear we found with them. #zompocalypse

02:15 PM #
The rest will go back through the buildings we've cleared of zombies to look for anything we can use & then set up a permanent outpost here.

02:17 PM #
For those of you wondering about Taliesin and the House on the Rock: there were a few undead around both places but not too many. #zombies

02:20 PM #
Taliesin is impressive and, though abandoned for nearly 4 years, in good shape. The House on the Rocks buildings have also survived. #zombie

02:23 PM #
I helped clear out the House on the Rock grounds. Without power, those buildings were very creepy to search. And believe me, I know creepy.

02:26 PM #
Some of the collections in the House on the Rock grounds include items we can use. Medieval weaponry, for example, works well on zombies.