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wausauloner - Thu Jun 27 2013

05:06 AM #
Back home. I'm going to give Pete my report of what happened in Spring Green and then head up to Rib to talk to the comm experts. #zombies

07:10 AM #
Pete and I had a long discussion. He had a lot of questions after I went over what happened. We agree that we dodged a bullet. #zombies

07:13 AM #
It was clear that the Reapers weren't there for any direct violent action against us. They were there to gather intelligence. A bad portent.

07:16 AM #
They would only conduct such an operation to support a larger plan. We know from their defeat of the Cannibal Gangs that they can think big.

07:19 AM #
Anyway, Pete reiterated that he wants me to keep doing these ad hoc missions for him. I have to admit: It worked out. This time. #zombies

07:22 AM #
He wants me to stay away from any set duties. Instead, I'm to work with different groups as a sort of ombudsman or utility infielder.

07:25 AM #
It will give me the opportunity to meet more survivors and keep Pete informed of the state of our alliance from a more grounded level.

07:28 AM #
The position will allow me to jump into whatever crisis comes up or simply freelance when something catches my attention. #zompocalypse

07:31 AM #
I'll be Pete's eyes and ears, something my ability to tweet will let me do better than most. For now, my attention is focused on the Reapers

02:33 PM #
I've been talking with the comm guys up on Rib and going over the radios we captured with the Reaper team in Spring Green. #zompocalypse

02:36 PM #
They're sure that the Reapers were trying to find out how we communicate, moreso locally than how we talk with our distant allies. #zombies

02:39 PM #
There are only a few possibilities and the comm guys say they've tried them all, including some whacky ideas I'm not sure I understand yet.

02:42 PM #
I'm going to try to get a rundown in plain English from these guys. I'll share them with Pete (and you) tomorrow. #zombies #zompocalypse