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wausauloner - Fri Jun 28 2013

06:14 AM #
OK, time to start summarizing communication methods that are still possible (more or less) since the zombies rose and civilization fell:

06:17 AM #
For un-secure comms over short to moderate ranges, we use CBs, walkie-talkies, and other civilian short-ranged radios. They're easy to find.

06:20 AM #
Once we had time to wonder about what was happening in the rest of the world, we went looking for and found a variety of HAM radio sets.

06:23 AM #
The HAM radios cover several bands allowing communication over a variety of longer ranges. Sometimes over VERY long range. #zompocalypse

06:26 AM #
The HAM radios work better at night. That's when Pete broadcasts his messages of hope. Unfortunately, Anon spews his cultist crap then, too.

06:29 AM #
The HAM radios have given us information about how the rest of the world is faring in the struggle against the zombies. It's mostly bad news

06:32 AM #
The comm guys up on Rib are always working on a variety of tricks they've read about in salvaged amateur radio books and magazines. #zombies

06:35 AM #
They're constantly trying new ways to boost Pete's broadcasts more effectively over multiple frequencies while trying to jam Anon's rants.

06:38 AM #
They're also tracking "The Hum." I haven't mentioned that phenomenon lately. It's a wandering signal that is connected to the zombie plague.

06:41 AM #
Sometimes The Hum is easy to forget. Other times it shuts down all frequencies in a certain range. We have no idea what it signifies.

06:44 AM #
The final means of radio communication we use is what the Reapers would love to be able to overhear. We use the old law enforcement network.

06:47 AM #
We salvaged these secure, encrypted radios from county and city law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, and dispatch centers.

06:50 AM #
The key to getting those radios to work was getting transponder towers up and running again using solar panels and arrays of car batteries.

06:53 AM #
The comm guys worked hard on that, but the only reason we have this tool is because a woman named Sandy wouldn't leave her post on Z-day...

06:56 AM #
She was found a week later by Pete and the few survivors he led then when they were looking for guns at the state patrol HQ. #zompocalypse

06:59 AM #
She had a working knowledge of how the system worked, where the codes were, and had all the documentation and maps needed to lead the team.

07:02 AM #
Back in a bit. I want to listen in on a field report from a salvage crew. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:42 AM #
I'm getting sidetracked for awhile. The salvage team that called in found an abandoned house with booby-traps and someone got hurt. #zombies

12:32 PM #
That took some time to sort out. Some poor guy lived long enough to set up anti-zombie traps around his property, then got caught in one.

12:35 PM #
The injured man took a spring-launched, sharpened stick to the eye. The eye is lost but the man will survive. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

12:38 PM #
I'm going to be busy with some after-action reports on this for awhile so I'll continue my update on the communication situation tomorrow.