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wausauloner - Sat Jun 29 2013

06:23 AM #
The means of communication we miss most here in the zompocalypse is the telephone. No electrical grid means no telephone system. #zombies

06:26 AM #
There are a couple of exceptions. First, the wiring and phones in some very rural areas that are still on copper wires can be repurposed.

06:29 AM #
It's really only a possibility between fixed sites that are close anyway, so the comm team hasn't invested a lot of time and effort in it.

06:32 AM #
The other exception is satellite phones. Unlike the cellular network, satellites are self-powered, so sat-phones are incredibly valuable.

06:35 AM #
Unfortunately, they're also incredibly rare around here. The Mosinee survivors found a single military sat-radio. It has stopped working.

06:38 AM #
Let's see...the comm guys have also set up lights and mirrors on towers to be used for visual Morse code. The project is still in progress.

06:41 AM #
Other potential comm methods: Runners (which we use) and homing pigeons (which we don't). Honestly, the team brainstormed every option.

06:44 AM #
To answer another question: Our military allies holding the Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant have their own shortwave gear. No sat comms.

06:47 AM #
The Internet itself, designed to outlive a nuclear attack, is completely down. There's no grid anywhere to power what ran it. #zompocalypse

06:50 AM #
Oh, and I haven't used it in awhile but there's always the old whiteboard-and-binoculars system. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:53 AM #
These non-broadcasting methods of communication have the advantage of not giving away your position to predatory survivors. #zompocalypse

06:56 AM #
That's not usually an issue since we've become strong enough to defend ourselves, but it's a concern when traveling away from defended areas

06:59 AM #
Our border watchers also have to be careful. They don't want Reapers triangulating their locations. That may have happened in Spring Green.

07:02 AM #
Being able to communicate securely while compromising your foe's secrecy can be crucial. That battle with the Reapers has already begun.

07:57 PM #
@Spidey__16 @ZombotZRA So far, so good.