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wausauloner - Sun Jun 30 2013

07:55 AM #
I've been going over communication methods available to us in this fallen world. Most of them are also used by predatory survivors. #zombies

07:58 AM #
The Rapture's Reapers cult, being nomadic, is unlikely to use a system that uses transponders like ours. We wish we knew their secure system

08:01 AM #
The one trick we have that no other survivors have access to is my old Blackberry and these tweets. @ProfPierson set up the system.

08:04 AM #
I've said how it uses the weakness between worlds formed by The Anomaly that started the plague, the DARPA station, and mini-anomalies...

08:07 AM #
So I won't repeat that whole story again. The main thing is this: I have a way to send secure messages from specific sites with reliability.

08:10 AM #
Of course, I can't receive anything from those monitoring my tweets in the DARPA relay station, but I'm used to making unanswered reports.