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wausauloner - Mon Jul 01 2013

06:10 AM #
I've been talking with the comm guys up on Rib Mountain some more. Like me, they're obsessed with figuring out Reaper communication methods.

06:13 AM #
It might have something to do with the assassination teams and the suicide plane the Reapers used when trying to kill Pete up here last year

06:16 AM #
In addition to wounding Pete so badly that he may never fully recover, several of their fellows on Rib died during the attack. #zompocalypse

06:19 AM #
So, now these guys have an incredible system going. They've got all kinds of radios and antennas listening for anyone on any frequency.

06:22 AM #
They try to identify Reaper communications, triangulate their locations, and gather scraps of information that might turn out to be useful.

06:25 AM #
In a sense, the Reapers have made their job easier. Their twisted, pseudo-religious language makes identifying their broadcasts easier.

06:28 AM #
The team is pretty sure, however, that we're rarely overhearing important messages. The Reapers must use additional methods we can't detect.

11:32 AM #
We just overheard a Reaper transmission repeated several times on an FM band. A scanner picked it up. It was some kind of code sequence.

11:35 AM #
The sender kept saying, "Reindeer, Wolf Sequence," before pausing and waiting for a reply, then repeating the phrase. We heard no answer.

11:38 AM #
The funny thing is, the frequency was not stable. It got slightly lower over the short time we heard the transmission. Then it faded away.

11:41 AM #
The comm guys couldn't triangulate it. They couldn't even get a good directional fix from the powerful antennas up here on Rib. #zombies

11:44 AM #
It's only speculation, but that message could have been meant for the Reaper team we captured. That would explain the lack of reply. #zombie

11:47 AM #
We have to admit, however, that it's possible the transmission had nothing to do with the Reapers. Well, the freqs are logged for monitoring